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Stress Less and Keep Your Cash Longer

Floorplan Xpress is proud to offer auto dealer financing with a 90-day initial curtailment standard on nearly all plans – which means dealers like you keep more of their money. 

Financing with
Floorplan Xpress

At Floorplan Xpress we take a personal approach to floor plan financing, so you can focus on your business. Because your success is our success.

Apply for Financing


A local representative will contact you, guide you through the process to learn more about your business needs, and finalize the application.


Once approved and a contract is signed, start financing cars and trucks with Floorplan Xpress right away!


Manage your payments, inventory, and more with the Floorplan Xpress app.

Floorplan Xpress is electronically accepted as a form of payment at virtually any auction. To floor trade-ins or other Non-Auction purchases use the FX app or call your local Floorplan Xpress representative.

Benefits of Financing with FPX


No payments for up to 90 days.


No hidden or unnecessary fees.


We are local, keeping your titles and your floor plan team close by.

Our online application takes 5 minutes. So don’t wait – let’s get started.