Inventory Financing Made Simple

We help dealers like you transform your business through floor plans to meet the growing expectations of the automobile industry. At Floorplan Xpress, we’re always here for you and your business. 

With 22 branches serving 31 states, we offer some of the most competitive terms in the industry. By helping you identify areas of growth, we can help you manage your cash flow, streamline workflows, and increase revenues while satisfying your customers.

We're committed to being local to you and understanding your need to have a tailored floorplan.

Local Focus

Need a title today? Have a car to floor? No problem. Want to floor a trade-in but need to pay off a bank? We’re there. We believe in the power of today–it’s part of what it means to be local. We maintain full-service offices in 22 cities so we can be close to you. We always welcome you into any of our offices.

Custom Approach

Your dealership doesn’t fit into a specific mold, so why should your floor plan? At Floorplan Xpress, we believe in providing a unique approach to inventory financing. Most of our terms start with 90 days and can be extended for additional time when needed.

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We keep our fees simple, charging you only for the services you use. Before we determine a specific term plan for your business, we learn about how you operate to ensure we’re working within your needs.

Floorplan Xpress Services

We Help You Manage Your Account

Manage your account and process payments completely online or by using our Dealer App.

We’re fast, we’re professional, and we help your business work and grow. Floorplan Xpress has decades of experience making things easy for car dealers. We’re not stopping now–so far we serve 22 markets in 31 states.

We’re always looking forward to bringing our expertise and financing assistance to new markets and we’re happy to work with clients from coast to coast.

We’re agile and quick to determine your needs and we offer friendly, local relationships. Our representatives work to deliver the financing you need to sustain and grow your business.

We Make It Easier For You

We are fully integrated with Auction Access for seamless flooring anywhere Auction Access is accepted. We are also integrated with many other independent and online-only auctions through our own Auction Xpress portal. Wholesale units, trade-ins, or private seller purchases are also easily accomplished and serviced at the local office.

Tailored Floor Plans

This one’s a no-brainer. Your dealership doesn’t fit into a mold, so why should your floor plan? Floorplan Xpress believes in a tailored approach to inventory financing and we keep our fees simple. Most of our terms start with 90 days and can be extended with only a single curtailment in 180 days.

We learn how your business operates before we determine a term plan to make sure we’re working within your needs. In other words: we make it easy for you to do business.

Are You Ready?